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Here you will find eBooks, Expert Papers, and webinars on the subject of service catalogs and how to manage your portfolio more efficiently.   


On the art of service design 

If you want to provide your IT services more efficiently, it pays to be proactive and think ahead in your production planning. This eBook explains in a few simple steps how to put this into practice.

With growing demands being made on IT services, a new approach to service management is needed. The simultaneous requirement for rapid deployment and cost optimization has become a major stumbling block for IT organizations. With traditional methods, it is no longer possible to adequately address this core challenge.

Read this eBook to discover a new methodology that lets you deploy high-quality services with greater agility and efficiency. Using real-world examples, we’ll show you how to accelerate your time to market and – with the aid of industrial production principles – achieve faster cycle times and a better return on your investment (ROI).





Expert Paper

The Product Catalog as a Driver of Digitization

Industrialized Production of ICT Services – the Next Step 

The IT Factory –
From Myth to Reality


The Catalog-Driven Data Center 


How to unleash hidden Potentials in your Service Organization 

Service Design and ICT Infrastructure Management in the Age of Digital Transformation

Production Planning for Business Services – Thinking ahead instead of redocument


The Catalog-Driven Data Center

“Change the perception of the data center to a provider that delivers services – not just iron”. Treating every service like an individual project is a practice that is becoming a relic of the past. Patrick Büch explains in this interview how a product-oriented approach for data center managers can be achieved in order to drive differentiation through value-added services.

Product Catalog as a Driver of Digitization – Transitioning of Digital Service Providers

Thanks to digitization, companies such as Google, Apple, Airbnb, and Uber are using new business models to enter traditional markets, where they are changing the rules forever. The agility of these companies is achieved through a strong focus on customer service combined with systematic deployment of the latest IT technologies and platforms. As we will examine below, the existing players in these markets require a new set of tactics to compete with these “digital natives.”

Managing IT complexity with a catalog-driven approach

At TM Forum Live! (in May in Nice, France), FNT and Swisscom AG has delivered a case study presentation on  Catalog- driven operations and asset lifecycle management at Swisscom. Here, FNT’s Patrick Buch looks at how service providers can manage IT complexity through a catalog-driven approach.

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